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To Contact Me...

2007-10-31 06:38:27 by jamus-se

For those who'd like to contact me, please use my listed e-mail address on my personal info. Checking the Newgrounds mailbox is just not my daily routine so chances are by the time I read a message, it's already a month or more past the date of the message.

I'm currently interested in getting and maintaining a list of voice actors contacts for flash movies and animations - these will be paid positions - just contact me through e-mail for more info.


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2007-11-17 05:31:00

hiya! this is ur 1st comment ever...


2007-11-18 03:02:45

and this is your second.

hope all is well bro, you have some talented work here on newgrounds!


2007-12-07 10:07:43

Well it's your thrid comment but i figure out those questions from Celesria's Challenge hehe


2008-01-14 11:31:52



2008-01-25 23:02:28

WTF?!!! I thought you no longer were on newgrounds LOL XP


2008-02-17 23:13:28

Are you going continue making Dark Prophecy Alpha 2, it's a good game.


2008-03-23 14:33:01

Are u gunna continue Ronan?


2008-05-03 22:51:34

Please answer to completing Ronin!


2008-06-18 08:22:52

Celestria is a hot gurl <3


2008-07-08 16:13:14

I hope you make a sequel to ronin, I've been a fan since it came out. I've been voting five for ronin everyday I come to newgrounds to get my exp, I began when it had a score of 4.20 and have been voting so long I've seen it rise to 4.21 then 4.22 with my votes changing the number actually, good luck and I hope the rumored sequel is just as good as the original.


2008-09-20 17:27:53

What rumored sequel? Jamus died again on NG...


2009-04-16 01:24:55

No one can see your email, dude. Maybe respond to this comment, then people can email you.


2009-05-25 00:28:21

To Treviabot92: It's on his Ronin game.

Also, are you still alive?


2009-09-08 18:38:44

I sent Jamus a email and he sent me this back!:

Ronin:Spirit of the Sword Vol.2
Secret of the Black Katana
Coming out in 2010
Also Ronin:Origin of the Sword and Master
coming out in Winter same year!


2010-01-20 10:28:16

Still waiting on Ronin, one of my favorite games of all time!


2011-01-08 15:35:13

make new sword games like ronin that was pure win make more hentai please i want blowjob animation in this game


2012-10-24 17:50:13

Still alive?


2012-11-08 19:48:27

Ronin is still one of my favorites. Hope to see more of _jamus-se_ some time. Also, bring back
the FAQ on Ronin, since geocities is long gone. Also, where is the email for "just contact me through e-mail for more info" ?



2016-09-08 10:53:24